Sagrada Familia Christmas | Markets, Events, Masses & more

Being famous for its iconic, innovative, and artistic Antoni Gaudí's unique style of architecture, Sagrada Familia is also known for celebrating a wonderful Christmas. It is also famous for hosting the ‘youngest’ of Barcelona's three most significant Christmas fairs; the Sagrada Familia Christmas market, which has been held every year since 1962. 

Tastefully decorated market and fair put on a nativity show for visitors with hundreds of stalls. The lit-up stalls sell nativity figures, traditional cribs, candies, handmade gifts, food, and holiday delicacies. The famous Sagrada Familia Christmas light show, Christmas Concert, and illumination of the birth of Jesus are not to be missed!

Find out all you need to know to plan a visit to Sagrada Familia during Christmas.

Is Sagrada Familia Open During Christmas?

Sagrada Familia Christmas

The Sagrada Familia opens for Christmas from last Saturday of November to 23rd December for visitors.

The Sagrada Familia Christmas market is not to miss here, especially for Christmas. The Christmas Concert, illumination of the facade of the Nativity, and Christmas workshop are the major three events during Christmas. Watch the nativity play and scenes of the birth and childhood of Jesus. Buy souvenirs such as nativity figures, Christmas trees, handmade gifts, and food at more than a hundred stalls, and indulge your kids in interesting activities at the Christmas workshop.

Opening Hours During Christmas:

Monday to Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday: 10:30 AM to 6 PM

Celebrating Christmas at Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Christmas

1. Attend the Christmas Market

Set in the gardens, in front of the monument, the Sagrada Familia Christmas market or fair was started by craftspeople in 1962. Since then, all the craftsmen gather and set up a fair of around 120 stalls. 

Traditionally held from the last Saturday of November to December 23, the open-air market is filled with the aroma of Christmas. You will find the scene set with an array of nativity figures, a Sagrada Familia Christmas tree lit with decorations, and a variety of food making it one of the prettiest Christmas Markets in Europe. Try the chestnuts, sweet potatoes, Christmas candies, and chocolates that will definitely leave your tastebuds craving for more! You can also buy handicraft items, jewelry, hats, scarves, and other Christmassy items at the stalls. Don’t miss the famous Caganers and Caga Tíos!

Sagrada Familia Christmas

2. Participate in Christmas Events

The Christmas events at Sagrada Familia include the three most famous shows: the Christmas workshop, the traditional Christmas Concert, and the illumination of the facade of the birth.

Every year different artists perform the songs about Mary at the traditional Christmas Concert.

The Christmas workshop is perfect for your little ones to indulge in discovery activities, handicraft workshop, decorating the Sagrada Familia Christmas tree, and learn about Jesus.

The illumination of the Nativity Facade is held four times a day and it is an absolute treat to the eyes. You can admire the life-like nativity scenes performed by great artists with soothing background music and a musical narration of the birth of Jesus.

Sagrada Familia Christmas

3. Attend the Christmas Mass

Attend and celebrate the international masses at Sagrada Familia every Sunday hosted by the Archdiocese of Barcelona for one hour. The masses are free for the visitors, however, the seating capacity is limited. Make sure you arrive early so you don't miss the chance to grab a seat during the mass.

The Sagrada Familia also hosts “Extraordinary Masses” that can only be attended by invitations. Check the calendar of masses to plan a visit for upcoming masses.

Timing: Every Sunday from 9 AM - 10 AM

Christmas on Stone at the Sagrada Familia Nativity Facade

Sagrada Familia Christmas

Do you want to see the scenes from the Bible come to life? 

Visit the Nativity facade, which is a part of Sagrada Familia made by Gaudí in 1935 with the four Eastern towers. The Nativity facade is dedicated to Jesus that shows the birth and childhood of Jesus Christ. The whole Nativity Facade looks like the Bible came to life. Adorne the scenes of Jesus’s childhood through the artworks, sculptures, and carvings. Beautifully crafted by Gaudi, here you will find depictions of the Three Wise Men, the Tree of Life, the Holy Trinity, and much more!

Also, don’t miss the hot chocolate at the end of the facade!

Visitor Tips

  • The evenings get chilly during Christmas, so make sure to wear warm clothes. 
  • Carry a scarf or shawl if you are wearing sleeveless tops.
  • Be ready to expect the rush and crowds as thousands of visitors come to visit the place during Christmas.
  • Sagrada Familia follows a strict dress code. No see-through or exposed clothing is allowed in the temple, so dress accordingly.
  • Pre-book your Sagrada Familia tickets for Christmas. 
  • Though entry to the Christmas mass is free for the visitors. However, the seating capacity is limited, so arrive early to grab your seat. 
  • If you miss the extraordinary mass, don’t worry. You can watch it live online. You can find the information on the calendar of masses

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas at Sagrada Familia

Q. How is Christmas at Sagrada Familia?

A. The Sagrada Familia Christmas is an extremely festive affair, thanks to the famous Christmas Market, and the many events such as the Christmas workshop and concert. You can also view the spectacular Christmas tree, witness the light show depicting the birth of Jesus, and attend the mass.

Q. What's special about the Sagrada Familia Christmas Fair?

A. Christmas Market at the Sagrada Família has been held since 1960. The gardens in front of the basilica is adorned with Christmas decorations, including the tree. Craftsmen set up stalls, from where visitors can shop. You can treat yourself to some Christmas specials such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, Christmas candies, and chocolates.

Q. Is Sagrada Familia open in December?

A. Yes, the Sagrada Familia remains open in December during Christmas and New Year.

Q. What are Sagrada Familia timings during Christmas?

A. Sagrada Familia timings during Christmas are 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, 10:30 AM to 6 PM.

Q. Is there a dress code for Sagrada Familia during Christmas?

A. Sagrada Familia follows a strict dress code which is applied during the time of Christmas as well. One must completely cover their shoulders and sleeveless clothing is not allowed. So make sure to carry a jacket or a shawl in case. It is also advised to wear comfortable and warm clothing during Christmas.

Q. What can I see in Sagrada Familia during Christmas?

A. The Sagrada Familia offers a wide range of activities during Christmas. There is a traditional Christmas market, a light show, a Children's Christmas workshop, a Christmas Concert, and the illumination of the birth of Jesus, all of which are not to be missed.

Q. Is it worth visiting Sagrada Familia during Christmas?

A. Yes, visiting Sagrada Familia during Christmas is worth it. You can admire the architecture, light show, decoration and charm of Christmas, the special three events that are held during Christmas, and much more!

Q. What events take place at Sagrada Familia during Christmas?

A. The Christmas workshop, the traditional Christmas concert, and the illumination of the facade of the birth are the three main events at Sagrada Familia during Christmas.

Q. Can I attend the Christmas mass at Sagrada Familia?

A. Yes, you can attend the Christmas mass at Sagrada Familia on Saturdays and Sundays. Entry to the mass is free for everyone.

Q. Is Christmas mass at Sagrada Familia free?

A. Yes, Christmas mass at Sagrada Familia is free for everyone. However, the seats available are limited.

Q. Does Sagrada Familia have a Christmas market?

A. Yes, Sagrada Familia held a Christmas market every year from last Saturday of November to December 23rd. The stalls at Sagrada Familia Christmas market sell toys, gifts, food, craft items, and much more!

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