Sagrada Familia Dress Code | What to Wear During Your Visit?

Sagrada FamiliaDress Code

Being the most famous attraction in Barcelona, it is important to maintain the la Sagrada Familia dress code while planning your visit. Basilica de la Sagrada Familia or the Basilica of the Holy Family has been the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church since 1882. Its design is attributed to world-renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi whose work has been declared part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2010, Sagrada Familia was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI who announced it to be a minor basilica.

Why does Sagrada Familia have a dress code?

Sagrada Familia Dress Code

Sagrada Familia is the centre of Catholic morality and religion in Barcelona. In fact, it is the biggest Catholic church in Spain. Thus, in order to maintain the sanctity of the basilica visitors must be dressed appropriately according to the rules set in place. The dress code mentions the outfit familiar to that observed at any active Catholic cathedral clothing. As a religious establishment, Sagrada Familia holds the right to refuse entry into the basilica if visitors violate the dress code and are not in appropriate attire.

Dress Code in Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Dress Code - Dress Code for Men

Sagrada Familia Dress Code- Men

  • Men are allowed to wear T-shirts and shirts that do not have any offensive/distracting designs and promotional content.
  • Trousers or jeans that are full length can be worn. Shorts that are below the knee level can also be worn.
  • Sleeveless tank tops, vests and hats are not allowed.
  • No swimwear can be worn.
Sagrada Familia Dress Code - Dress Code for Women

Sagrada Familia Dress Code- Women

  • Women can wear blouses and tops with sleeves that completely cover the shoulders.
  • Dresses and tops that are backless or have a deep neckline are not allowed.
  • Trousers or skirts that come below knee level are allowed.
  • No hats or swimwear.
Sagrada Familia Dress Code - Dress Code for Children

Sagrada Familia Dress Code- Children

  • The same rules as adults apply to children
  • Shirts and tops have to cover the shoulders 
  • Trousers that come below the thighs are allowed
  • No swimwear or hats

What can you wear to Sagrada Familia?

  • Shirts and tops covering the shoulders - When you are visiting Sagrada Familia, remember to wear clothing with sleeves that completely cover your shoulders. Make sure to carry shawls and jackets. 
  • Full trousers and mid-length skirts - Visitors are required to wear skirts and trousers that come below the mid-thighs. Full trousers or jeans are recommended options but make sure to wear light cotton trousers during the summers. 
  • Shoes - You will have a lot of walking to do inside Sagrada Familia. So make sure to wear proper flat shoes. Visitors entering barefoot and wearing open sandals or flip-flops are strictly not allowed. 

What can you not wear to Sagrada Familia?

  • See-through clothing - Men, women and children are not allowed to wear transparent or translucent clothing inside Sagrada Familia. Make sure to wear opaque clothes with a proper lining on the inside. 
  • Swimwear - Visitors are not allowed to enter Sagrada Familia in bathing suits or any kind of swimsuits.
  • Low cuts and sleeveless clothing - Make sure to not wear sleeveless clothing while visiting Sagrada Familia. Any kind of low cuts at the neck and the back, off-shoulder tops, tank tops and blouses with spaghetti straps are not allowed. 
  • Skirts and shorts above the knee - Visitors wearing any kind of bottom wear that rises above the knees are not allowed. 
  • Hats and offensive tattoos - All hats and caps must be removed before entering Sagrada Familia unless for medical or religious reasons. Tattoos, T-shirt designs and other symbols that are deemed offensive to the basilica and the Catholic religion are strictly prohibited.
  • Barefoot and flip-flops - Visitors are not allowed to enter Sagrada Familia without appropriate footwear. Flip-flops are also a big no.
  • Promotional and festival costumes - Visitors of all religions and faiths are not allowed to wear elaborate costumes with distracting designs and decorations as well as clothing with promotional content on them.

What to do if you are not dressed according to the guidelines at Sagrada Familia and need last-minute changes?

  • There are a few shops near Sagrada Familia where you can buy clothes if you are not dressed according to the dress code of the cathedral and need last-minute changes. Here are a few options:
  • La Boqueria Market: This large market is located just a few blocks from Sagrada Familia and has a variety of shops selling clothes, souvenirs, and food. There is a good chance you will find something suitable here, even if it is not high-end fashion
  • El Corte Inglés: This large department store is located a bit further away from Sagrada Familia, but it has a wider selection of clothes than La Boqueria Market. You are sure to find something here that meets your needs, but it may be more expensive.
  • There are also a number of small shops and boutiques located in the streets around Sagrada Familia. These shops tend to be more expensive than the larger stores, but they may have a more unique selection of clothes.

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Frequently asked questions about Sagrada Familia dress code

Does Sagrada Familia enforce a dress code?

Yes, Sagrada Familia has a temple dress code that visitors must follow and they reserve the right to refuse access to those who violate the set dress code.

What is the dress code for Sagrada Familia?

Visitors are required to dress appropriately by covering their shoulders and wearing trousers/skirts that come below the mid-thighs. Hats, swimwear and costumes with promotional content or offensive/distracting designs are not allowed.

Can I wear flip flops to Sagrada Familia?

No. Visitors who are barefoot or wearing flip-flops and open sandals are not allowed inside Sagrada Familia.

Can I wear shorts to Sagrada Familia?

No. Shorts and skirts that are way above the knee level are not allowed.

Are backpacks allowed inside Sagrada Familia?

Backpacks are allowed inside Sagrada Familia after a thorough search. It is recommended to travel light and carry smaller bags.

Are hats allowed inside Sagrada Familia?

No. Hats or caps are not allowed in Sagrada Familia unless for medical and religious requirements.

Should one cover their shoulders at Sagrada Familia?

Yes, all visitors must wear appropriate shirts/T-shirts and tops that completely cover their shoulders. Hence, make sure to carry a shawl or a jacket in case you are wearing sleeveless clothing.

Are jeans allowed in Sagrada Familia?

Yes. Jeans are allowed in Sagrada Familia. However, make sure to wear something light like cotton trousers during the summer.