6 Tried & Tested Ways to Skip The Line At Sagrada Familia

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The city of Barcelona stands out for two things: its beaches and its architecture. As it once was the seat of the Catalan empire, the city has a lot to offer in terms of historical monuments, with architectural styles ranging from its Gothic quarters to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. 

One would argue that the Sagrada Familia Basilica is the main attraction for tourists visiting Barcelona, given its controversial history and the complexities in its construction, dating all the way back to 1882.

Today, Sagrada Familia sees over 4.5 million visitors every year. Given the number of tourists, the waiting times in queues at the ticket offices easily extend past 60 minutes, with at least 2 hours of wait time during the peak season. Couple this with the Mediterranean sun and queuing up can easily take its toll even on the most patient of travelers.

This post will leave you with insights on how to best utilize your time and skip those long lines at the Sagrada Familia.

Why Skip The Lines at Sagrada Familia?

Sagrada Familia Skip the Line Tickets
  • Utilize Time: Queues in front of the basilica, especially during peak hours, can take up close to two hours. Bypass the crowds and head straight into the Sagrada Familia. 
  • Avoid Crowds: Get a glimpse of what Gaudi had envisioned for the monument, without having to stand in long lines and elbowing your way through the peak hour rush. 
  • Ensure Availability: Avoids the odds of standing for hours only to find out tickets are sold out by purchasing your tickets online at least two days in advance. 
  • Flexible Visit: Make the most of your visit by choosing skip-the-line tickets best suited to your needs. Choose between a basic entry ticket, access to audio-guides, or ticket with access to either the Nativity or Passion towers, to ensure you get a rounded Basilica experience. 
  • Explore More: Combo tickets offer skip-the-line access to more than one iconic monument in Barcelona such as the Park Guell, or the Casa Milà.

Queue at Sagrada Familia Entrances

To ensure smooth movement of foot traffic, the Basilica has three separate entrances:

  • Entrance Type 1 (Group): If you’re visiting the Basilica in a group of up to 30 people, use entrance 1. To access this entrance, you enter from the Nativity Facade and turn left. Group and general entrances are properly demarcated, so the likelihood of you standing in the wrong line is low. 
  • Entrance Type 2 (Individual): Even though it says individual, this entrance can be used if you’re traveling alone, or with a group of up to 9 people. This entrance would be located to the right side of the Nativity Facade.
  • Entrance Type 3 (Educational): This is a separate entrance that can be accessed if the visitors are school students. The entrance would be located towards the back of the Basilica. 

Wait times at the entrances could range anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the month and the time slot you’ve chosen to enter. The best way to save yourself from this daunting experience is to purchase Skip The Line ticket to Sagrada Familia. Read on to find out what are some of the other hacks you can try to skip the long lines at Sagrada Familia.

How To Skip the Lines at Sagrada Familia?

Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets
Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets
Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets
Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets
Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets
Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets

Sagrada Familia Skip-the-Line Tickets vs Guided Tours - Which Should You Choose?

Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets
Sagrada Familia Skip The Line Tickets

Verdict: To ensure you maximize your visit, opt for the fast-track guided tour, with tower access. This would allow you to bypass the queues for ticket purchase, gain insights into the history of the monument by a live guide in your preferred language, as well as show you the best of everything the site has to offer. 

Visitor Tips

  • Due diligence: Spend some time planning your visit. Narrow in on the day of the week, time slot, and type of ticket you would like to purchase, which would give you access to what you’re looking for. 
  • Be punctual: Visitor tickets can only be utilized for a 15-minute window that is mentioned on the ticket. If this window for entry is missed, you would be required to purchase another ticket. Make sure to account for security check queues (applicable to all ticket holders) while planning your entry to the Basilica. 
  • Timings: The operational hours of the Basilica can differ from those of the Museum. Both have slight variations in opening hours depending on the month. Operational hours may also deviate from the usual hours in case of special events occurring at the Basilica, during weekends, or important festivals such as Christmas. Do check the timings before your visit. 
  • Accessibility: The Basilica is wheelchair accessible, however only parts of the Museum such as the ground floor and gardens can be accessed by those with disabilities. The Towers are entirely inaccessible to those in a wheelchair, as the descent is on foot. 
  • Pet friendly: Pets are not allowed on the premises, however guide dogs for those with a proven disability will be permitted. 
  • Carry-ons: All rucksacks and backpacks will be screened at the security checkpoint. Food and drinks are not permitted. For a faster entry process, avoid carrying backpacks or bags.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sagrada Familia Skip the Line Tickets

Q. Can I skip the line at Sagrada Familia?

Q. Yes, there are many ways to skip the line at Sagrada Familia, such as arriving at the venue early, and purchasing your skip-the-line tickets online and in advance.

Q. Are skip-the-line tickets available for Sagrada Familia?

A. Yes. Skip-the-line tickets are available online for the Sagrada Familia. You can book them here.

Q. How much do Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets cost?

A. Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets can range anywhere between EUR 34 to EUR 64, depending on the ticket inclusions. The skip-the-line, guided tour ticket with tower access would be the most expensive.

Q. Where can I book Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets?

A. You can purchase Sagrada Familia skip-the-line tickets online. Book the Sagrada Familia tickets here.

Q. Why should I book Sagrada Familia skip-the-line tickets?

A. The queue to purchase tickets at the venue could be 2-3 hours long during the busy months. The skip-the-line tickets would allow you to skip this queue and gain fast-track entry into the monument.

Q. Are Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets worth it?

A. Yes, the Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets are absolutely worth it. For a small premium, you would be able to save yourself a few hours standing in line to purchase a ticket, and spend this time inside the Basilica, or visiting other Barcelona historical sites such as Park Guell.

Q. Do Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets include a guided tour?

A. Not all skip-the-line tickets include a guided tour. You could opt for the basic skip-the-line ticket, which would allow you to explore at your pace. At a slight premium, you could opt for the ticket with an audio or in-person guide.

Q. Can I skip the line if I book my ticket online?

A. Yes. When you book a ticket online, you not only get to skip the queue at the ticket counter, but you have a guaranteed entry ticket. Often tickets get sold out and visitors are turned away at the counter despite waiting in line.

Q. What is the waiting time to get into Sagrada Familia?

A. The waiting time is dependent on various factors, including the month of visit, and the time slot in the day. Waiting time can range from nil to 3 hours.

Q. Are audio guides included with my Sagrada Familia skip-the-line tickets?

A. Audio guides are not a default inclusion with skip-the-line tickets. You would have to opt for the ticket type that would include an audio guide.

Q. Which entrance is the best for Sagrada Familia skip the line ticket holders?

A. Skip-the-line ticket holders don’t have a separate entrance. Entrances depend on whether you are entering as an individual or a group up to 9 pax, or in a group of up to 30 pax, however, both are from the Nativity Facade.

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